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Manufacture of fused alumina involves the conversion of natural bauxite into consistent industrial products.  This requires many complicated processes since the chemical composition of bauxite vary much between mines and locations.  Quality control starts in the very beginning to keeping tracking the chemical contents of bauxite received.  The bauxites are blended according to their chemical contents before sending to furnaces for fusing.  The chemistry of the molten contents during fusing is kept tracking and, when necessary, some other ingredients are added for adjustment.  Crushing and sieving are then followed but the contents are kept repeatedly blending.  Most importantly, the chemical contents during the whole process are being monitored so that corrective action can be made immediately when necessary.  This will make sure the final product is quality-consistent not only from batch to batch, but also from year to year.


Independent Labs

There are independent labs on site in both production facilities for full chemical and physical testing.  This would make sure the accuracy of testing results to a same material.


Quality Control

All production batches have unique Lot Number at 1,000 Kg.  This number would allow us to track back all product data and also as early as raw materials used.


Shipment Inspections

All products to ship would be further inspected to ensure that they are conform to specifications. Samples are drawn from all shipments and being kept for two year for future tracking.  Certificates of Analysis are sent with shipments and/or shipping documents to customers.


Industrial Standards

Productions are strictly according to reputable industrial standards such as JIS, FEPA and ISO.  Lab measuring items and instruments are equipped according to requirements.


Quality Management Systems

Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. CN99/17081) is certified by SGS UK for production in Suzhou. Quality management system ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. CN13/20418) is certified by SGS UK for production in Kaili.