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ARTIRUNDUM© is artificial corundum (fused alumina) developed by Art Abrasives. ARTIRUNDUM© offers a complete line of different premium types of brown fused alumina mainly for coated and bonded abrasives.  Depending on applications and requirements, some types further receive processing and treatments.


To remove ferro spots which may appear in the vitrified wheels, the grains are undergone special and repeatedly magnetic separation. The firing colour is further ensured by iron spot tests. 


To release internal abnormal expansion inside crystal, the grains are heat-treated at high temperature. To further increase toughness and durability, the grains are calcined to reach blue colour phase.


To provide good electrostatic characteristics for coated abrasives, particle surface is specially treated with chemicals to maintain optimum humidity. To improve the adhesive properties, particle surface is uniformly coated with a layer of substance and controlled under specific temperature and accurate timing. Depending on applications, organic, metallic and ceramic coating are available to most types of materials. The latest coating widely used is M2 (iron oxide version 2).


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